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Dynamite Nitrocellulose

Dynamite nitrocellulose is a traditional raw material for production of gelatinised industrial explosives.
We produce and offer our dynamite nitrocellulose in a quality conforming best to needs and requirements of particular manufacturers of industrial explosives. For this reason, nearly every consumer has its own individual specification of quality. The specification published on these sites is merely a demonstration.


Sortiment of dynamite nitrocellulose


Quality parameters

  • For determination of nitrocellulose viscosity value we apply the Höppler method.
  • The basic method for determination of nitrocellulose stability is the Bergmann-Junk test at the temperature of 132°C. Application of additional methods is subject to individual agreement.
  • We can mostly adjust many other quality parameters (nitrogen content, fineness, viscosity, water content, etc.) to consumer´s individual requirements.


Moistening component

  • Nitrocellulose ranks among hazardous substances. To minimise its dangerous properties, it is necessary (in compliance with international regulations) to maintain a certain level of a moistening component in the material. Thus nitrocellulose, while being transported or stored, must be maintained in a wet condition (the content of the moistening component should not fall below 25 %).
  • We deliver dynamite nitrocellulose, as offered by Synthesia, a.s., moistened with water.



The content of the moistening component fluctuates around the level of 30 %, but it can be adjusted it to individual requirements of our customers.


Samples of specifications


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